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Should my website be using Schema markup?

The result of collaboration between the major search engines, structured data provided in Schema.org markup gives specific information that search engines translate into "rich snippets" in search results.

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Web developers: your dev sites are a hack threat

As a web developer, one of the best practice methods when maintaining or updating a website is to

Can You Optimise a 1-Page Website For Search?

We often get asked if a 1-page website can still rank well in search. It can - but with the foundation of the clearest consumer understanding, not by deploying "SEO magic"

Hashtags - how to use them properly
#Hashtags: What they are and how to use them (properly)

"Hashtag" is a common phrase & everyone knows how to use them on social media. Except - they don't. Here's our guide to using hashtags effectively - and what not to do

social media website image sizes
Social media website images: cheat sheet with measurements & guides 2017

A handy guide for the main social media websites - the measurements for their image areas, for desktop, tablet and mobile views

Colour me Bad knowing the difference between CMYK, Pantone & RGB
Colour me bad(ly)

A basic guide to what colour references to use and where, to avoid misunderstandings and, more importantly, unexpected results

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We are the champions! Proud winners of The National Digital Awards 2017

Proud to say we are National Digital Award Champions 2017. Take a look...

Browser response codes and what they mean

Gain knowledge of the most common errors that occur when loading a web browser and the meaning of browser response codes

Be a better searcher: Google Search Operators

Be a pro at searching on Google. Know the rules and make your search more specific with these top tips...

Your Wordpress website will soon need an SSL
Your WordPress website will soon need an SSL certificate

Using Wordpress? Quick heads-up, it's time to get SSL certified, here are the main reasons why...

using images on your website & social media posts
Using images on your website & social media posts – ‘royalty free’ means free, right?

A picture speaks a thousand words. However, if the picture isn’t yours, the only words it’ll be saying are ‘theft’ or even ‘legal action’. Find out the best ways to avoid being a digital criminal...

Why your business needs brand guidelines

It's all about keeping it consistent & communicating your brand in the best way possible...

What is Google Search Console?

Here are our top 5 reasons why anyone who has a business website should use Google's Search Console

Does Google hate your new website?

You've launched your new website, but two weeks later, you log into Google Analytics and find that your visitors from search engines - especially Google - have dropped by 50%. Where did it all go wrong?

Stop using WordPress tags – they aren’t what you think

Most people usingWordPress think that tags are the secret to search engine optimisation. Instead they're making it worse

So you think you know who uses Facebook?

Everyone uses Facebook, don't they? Or do they...

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We’re Gold & Silver Digital Award winners!

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that in the MK Digital Awards we've scooped both a Gold award in the Lifestyle & Culture category and Silver award across all 12 categories

Google removes Demote Sitelinks from Webmaster Tools

According to Google on October 13th, "After some discussion & analysis, we've decided to remove the "Demote Sitelinks" setting in Search Console."

Website designer Leighton Buzzard Matthew Craft
Our latest apprentice qualifies

Passing the apprenticeship with ease, we're delighted to announce that Matthew Craft will be joining the full time Aubergine team as a qualified web developer

Twitter increase character limit for tweets
Twitter’s character limit increased. Slightly.

Images, other people’s tweets you’re quoting or retweeting, URLs and links, GIFs, video and other media content will no longer count towards the 144 character limit

Google to demote sites that use popups on mobile

Google recently announced that, as of January 2017, they'll start to demote sites in mobile search results that use popups, overlays and interstitials

Google Chrome now shows warning for all non-secure sites

In the latest version of Google's Chrome browser (v53), website visitors are now explicitly warned if the website they're visiting isn't secured by an SSL certificate

Team Aubergine of Leighton Buzzard
Team Aubergine complete 12-mile Tough Mudder challenge

After 6 months of training that included long-distance running, weight training and an unatural amount of practice on the monkey bars in the local park in Leighton Buzzard, Sunday 25th September saw #TeamAubergine successfully complete their Tough Mudder challenge.

Team Aubergine of Leighton Buzzard
Team Aubergine Tough Mudder training update

We're ready as we'll ever be. Well, as ready as anyone can be to take on a 12 mile, 28 obstacle assault course!

top 10 typical social media mistakes part 2
Avoid basic social media & website mistakes part 2

We conclude the article with the remaining five basic social media & website mistakes, finishing at no.1 and the reason for writing the post having borne witness to countless small businesses make these fundamental errors needlessly.