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Google removes Demote Sitelinks from Webmaster Tools

According to Google on October 13th, "After some discussion & analysis, we've decided to remove the "Demote Sitelinks" setting in Search Console."

Website designer Leighton Buzzard Matthew Craft
Our latest apprentice qualifies

Passing the apprenticeship with ease, we're delighted to announce that Matthew Craft will be joining the full time Aubergine team as a qualified web developer

Twitter increase character limit for tweets
Twitter’s character limit increased. Slightly.

Images, other people’s tweets you’re quoting or retweeting, URLs and links, GIFs, video and other media content will no longer count towards the 144 character limit

Google to demote sites that use popups on mobile

Google recently announced that, as of January 2017, they'll start to demote sites in mobile search results that use popups, overlays and interstitials

Google Chrome now shows warning for all non-secure sites

In the latest version of Google's Chrome browser (v53), website visitors are now explicitly warned if the website they're visiting isn't secured by an SSL certificate

Team Aubergine of Leighton Buzzard
Team Aubergine complete 12-mile Tough Mudder challenge

After 6 months of training that included long-distance running, weight training and an unatural amount of practice on the monkey bars in the local park in Leighton Buzzard, Sunday 25th September saw #TeamAubergine successfully complete their Tough Mudder challenge.

Team Aubergine of Leighton Buzzard
Team Aubergine Tough Mudder training update

We're ready as we'll ever be. Well, as ready as anyone can be to take on a 12 mile, 28 obstacle assault course!

top 10 typical social media mistakes part 2
Avoid basic social media & website mistakes part 2

We conclude the article with the remaining five basic social media & website mistakes, finishing at no.1 and the reason for writing the post having borne witness to countless small businesses make these fundamental errors needlessly.

Top 10 typical social media and website mistakes part 1
Avoid basic social media & website mistakes part 1

We highlight the all-too common mistakes businesses make when embarking on their social media marketing campaign and provide some basic tips to avoid falling foul of these errors

Redesigning a new Wordpress theme
Redesigning a WordPress website without having to rebuild it.

A significant benefit of having your website running on a Wordpress custom design means that you can get an experienced web designer and developer to create that smart, new look for your website without completely taking the engine out.

how fresh is your website content?
How fresh is the content on your website? Google will sniff it out.

One of the elements to the ‘search algorithm’ that’s widely accepted as being fact, rather than myth, is the freshness of a website’s content.

Proof Google prefers https SSL websites
Evidence proves Google prefers https over non-SSL sites

We’re now seeing 30% (and rising) of all page 1 search results have an https URL

Finalist for MK Digital Awards 2016 Milotn Keynes website designer
…and now finalists in MK Digital Awards!

On the back of having an Aubergine-built website for our friends at Network Auctions nominated as a finalist for the Herts Digital Awards 2016 for Best B2B website, we've now got another one of our websites nominated in three categories for the Milton Keynes Digital Awards!

Herts Digital Awards 2016 nominated finalist
Aubergine-built website nominated Herts Digital Awards finalist

We have great pleasure and pride in announcing that an Aubergine-built website designed and developed for our friends at Network Auctions has been nominated a finalist for Best B2B Website in the Herts Digital Awards 2016 #HDA16.

Should your eCommerce website be using Google Shopping?

Is advertising on Google Shopping easier and more effective than traditional AdWords text ads?

Using Google AdWords’ new expanded text ads

With AdWords ads now 140% larger than they used to be, and with more opportunity to communicate features, benefits and a strong call to action, Google's expanded text ads are something to be used straight away.

Best practice domain name registration
Best practice approach when registering a new domain name

It’s an ever-increasing problem – what domain name do you register for a new business? Or rather, what’s left to register that’s either not already being used or being cybersat

The commercial graphic design side of Star Wars

On Sunday 17th July we visited the long-awaited Star Wars Celebration Exhibition at London’s ExCel to both witness the sheer scale of impact from graphic design into the science fiction arena and to meet up with Jason W. Christman who was exhibiting at the show

How to prepare to rebrand or create a new brand logo
Preparing to rebrand or create a new image for your business

Here’s our starter for ten that will get any sized business off the ground when it comes to creating that all-important new brand image

Changes to Facebook News Feed
Facebook changes to News Feed & Like button

There’s plenty of Facebook myths out there, however, June has seen two significant (and genuine) changes

Top 5 search tips for Wordpress websites
Top 5 Search Tips for WordPress Websites

Nearly 1 in 4 websites in the world uses WordPress - it's easy to set up, easy to manage and there is a large community of developers who produce additional functionality (via "plugins"), often for

Top 5 Google Adwords tips for your website
Top 5 AdWords Tips

Here are our top 5 tips for businesses using AdWords, that can improve your AdWords return on investment today

Team Aubergine
Team Aubergine start Tough Mudder training

Team Aubergine have started their Tough Mudder training in preparation for running the 12-mile 28-obstacle assault course on the 25th September in support of our friends at @kidsOut a local Leighton Buzzard charity that help give kids who have a bad break in life a bit of fun and support through play and days out

Top 10 Wordpress plugins
The Top 10 WordPress plugins

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 WordPress Plugins we think are the most useful when it comes to setting up and running a WordPress website

eCommerce website PCI compliance
PCI compliance – are you exposed?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires that merchants accepting credit and debit cards on their websites conform to a set of protocols when processing cardholder data on their website - here's our guide to PCI DSS for website owners