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Selling online has never been easier pro e-commerce websites from £1500

With rising costs of business rents, staff and all things relating to being fixed to a shop,

Best use of graphic design in 2012 – The London Olympics

Without question, one of the best uses of  both stunning and practical graphic design in 2012, is

Cookie law and your website – what is it and does it affect me?

In May 2011 The UK Government, upon advice from the EU, made law that websites in the UK followed new guidelines in respect to cookies and their use on websites. So, what is a

Starting your own business? First impressions count

Let's face it - we choose most things on how they look. Clothes, food, brands of things we like - even mobile devices, it's all a very visual thing. Now, I'm not saying that we're all completely shallow and make the decision based on just how it looks but first impressions are vital and that is

Pitch your business branding to the right audience – target your logo!

One of the first things a new customer experiences when they see your business website or marketing

The use of good photography – respect your company’s image

If we've seen it once, we've seen it a hundred times - and that is businesses using poor

Graphic design excellence – Liberty’s packaging

From time to time, there are examples of graphic design excellence that we come across that we feel

Graphic design with function and purpose – Westwood vs. The Pizza

There are some designers that are pure graphic designers - they produce pieces that are utterly stunning in their approach, layout and overall imagery. Consider these guys like the haut couture end

Graphic design in fashion – talking Japanese

For the past few years the fashion market has exploited the use of words and phrases to add dimension to clothes to make them look chic, different or just try and be cool and trendy. This is nothing new. However, with the emergence of  'cool t-shirts' in high street shops, such as Hollister,

Trademarking – protect your brand

Because we live in a world where branding is the initial, and in many cases, the first and only impression of a company's products, making sure that your brand image is protected is vital. At