Sci-Fi Sourcing Logo & branding design

Sci-Fi Sourcing Logo & branding design

When the owner of SciFi Sourcing approached us and explained that, after a lot of market research, he had established that (with the exception of eBay) there were very few places for SciFi memorabilia and collectables to advertise their shops or sourcing services, we jumped at the chance to help.

First up was to design the brand. It had to represent the sector without being too focused on one genre, once done, the website needed constructing. The brand had to work within several different types of medium. The website would be able to support sold solid colour versions, merchandise needed a version that would work on clothing, advertising and printed collateral, such as postcards and posters.

With that in mind, we opted to design a both – icon-based rocket that would represent the heritage of science fiction that echos of the early 20th century sci-fi classical design. This was then supported with a font that works well when small and when enlarged up to trade show and convention banner sizes.

Below are links to a description about the website itself.

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