Website design & development: Network Auctions

Website design & development: Network Auctions

Property auction specialists and market leaders, Network Auctions, have grown in the last 7 years at an incredible rate, just showing the importance and popularity of investing in property is still a big part of private investment in the UK.

To support their growth Network Auctions asked us to design and develop a new website for them that was both mobile responsive so that it could be used on the go, live at an auction or on a property site quickly and easily. The site also supports the large network of estate agents around the UK and provides member areas for the agents to access custom content.

The website offers a live auction feed, realtime property auction lot information, results from past auctions and all the required documentation needed to support both agents and property investors.

In addition, we’ve also used some of the latest animation techniques to show the property auction market’s own superhero, Gavel Man – flying through the world of property auctions!

Head on over to Network Auctions’ website and take a look.