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Be an Effective Council Online Webinar Series: Website Accessibility Compliance and domains

Mark Tomkins

Webinar no.1 of 3: Website Accessibility Compliance for councils and domains

26th September, 2023, 12pm

In this first webinar in a series of three, council sector experts, Mark Tomkins, David Hall of Cloudy IT and Dan Purchese from Breakthrough Communications discuss how councils can be more effective online by making sure they meet the website accessibility regulations and, thereby, improving community engagement. The benefits of moving the website and email over to a domain are also discussed.

In the first of the series of webinars, Mark Tomkins, Founder of Aubergine – council website experts and web accessibility champions and authors of the NALC Website Accessibility & Publishing Guidebook will be looking at how website compliance is improving community’s access to council information.

He’ll be providing helpful day-to-day tips on keeping your council’s website compliant and discussing how the domain use by all parish & town councils is a positive step forward in these days of increased cyber threat and for improving authenticity of message and that there is a simple process to start that journey.

Subjects covered:

  • Web Accessibility compliance & tips
  • The difference between & other domains
  • Security & authenticity of message
  • domain registration requirements & obligations
  • The registration process
  • Deployment – how to get a website & email
  • Ongoing commitments & considerations Ongoing commitments & consideration

Be an effective council online presentation slides from webinar 1 (PDF)


Next events

Webinar #2: Tuesday 31st October 12pm:
Microsoft 365 Security and Cyber Essentials for Town & Parish Councils by David Hall of Cloudy IT

David will cover:

  • Microsoft 365 Security overview
  • Securing your information, messages and email with Microsoft 365
  • How to manage a subject access request in Microsoft 365
  • Benefits of your council being Cyber Essentials Certified
  • The importance of Cyber Security training for your staff and councillors

Webinar #3 – Tuesday 28th November 2023 12pm:
How Effective Online Councils stay Compliant with GDPR and FOI by Dan Purchese from Breakthrough Communications

The most effective online parish and town councils are those who get compliance right, so they can spend more time focusing on getting their message across and engaging with their communities.

Dan will cover:

  • How councils can comply with UK GDPR and FOI
  • Dealing with UK GDPR and FOI requests without the stress
  • What’s your council’s online communications strategy?
  • What’s your council’s message and who are you trying to say it to?
  • Best practice for using social media and your website as tools to communicate and engage
  • Listening to what the community has to say

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