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GDPR Compliance website checklist
Your website and the GDPR compliance – a practical checklist

Knowing what you can, can’t and must do when it comes to collecting user information

How do I trademark my logo
Protecting your brand image

We answer the simple question "What's the difference between Copyright, Registered symbol and Trademark" and provide advice of which is best for your brand image.

3 Quick Ways To Improve Your Google AdWords Campaigns
3 Quick Ways To Improve Your Google AdWords Campaigns

In a previous article we gave our top 5 tips on how to do Google AdWords (when you don’t have time to

Brief a Website Redesign Better with Google Analytics
Brief a Website Redesign Better with Google Analytics

Every website needs a redesign at some point. Businesses evolve, priorities change and what was

Google Ads vs Facebook ads
Google Adwords vs Facebook ads

In this article we look at online advertising to see if we can answer the simple question of ‘Which is best for your business, Google Adwords or Facebook ads?’

5 Things That Don't Help You Rank Better In Search
5 Things That Don’t Help You Rank Better In Search

Everyone knows something about "SEO" - they were taught it by a colleague, it was something that definitely worked last time they did it, or they read it in an email from an expert recently. The

why is my new website not showing on Google?
Got a new website but it’s not showing on Google?

There are 6 common reasons that could be to blame why your new website isn't showing up in a Google search. A regular topic of calls we receive in the studio is one

Does GDPR affect my website?
What’s all this GDPR stuff I see everywhere?

In this article we address the all-too common question of 'does GDPR affect me and my business?' from a marketing and website perspective. So, let's get started with typical scenarios, case studies and what you need to know. What is GDPR? GDPR is the EU General Data

Google Chrome to show websites as ‘not secure’ from October

Back on the 30 September 2016 we wrote an article about how we had observed that the current version of Google’s browser, Chrome (v53) was going to start to flag websites that didn’t have an SSL

Voice recognition: A time-saver for bloggers or time-waster?

This [rad-hl]Intyre[/rad-hl] blog post has been written using voice recognition software and not

Facebook to stop displaying posts to slow websites

Facebook is going to start penalising posts that display links to websites that are too slow to display in the newsfeed it announced on 2nd August. (

Copywriting: the key to good web content (part 2)

Copywriting: How to do it In part 1 of our article we set the tone and basic approach for how to talk to readers so now it’s on to some practical applications. With that in mind, let’s start with the foundation

Copywriting: the key to good web content (part 1)

It’s worth starting with a fundamental piece of information to establish the terms used in this article are fully understood. Copy (copywriting) is content. Content is a piece of communication that uses text to explain something - whether it's explaining a solution to a

Facebook for Business – How to get started and what to expect, 10 top tips.

In this article Mark Tomkins presents his 10 top tips for setting up and running a Facebook business page to get the best out of the platform. He covers the basics of set up, what to post, when to

Should I have Facebook and Twitter feeds on my website?
Should I have my Facebook & Twitter feeds on my website?

In this article we discuss the pros and cons of pulling your Facebook and Twitter posts through onto your website.

How do I speed up a slow Wordpress website?
Top 10 tips to speed up a badly-behaving WordPress website

WordPress - the world's most popular and widely-used website platform. It brings with it so many

The Open Graph Protocol: The key to better social site content & image sharing
The Open Graph Protocol: The key to better social site image & content sharing

A guide to the Open Graph Protocol and how to use the tags in your web page code and what ones to use on your website.

How to make your Wordpress website more secure
How to make your WordPress website more secure

Treat your website like you would your office or warehouse. Spend time - and if it needs it, a little money - on making sure everything is locked up and secure.

Featured image on Facebook no showing
Getting new website preview images on social media

You've got a new website you want to share with your connections on LinkedIn; you've started a new marketing campaign that's likely to get traction on Facebook. In anticipation, because you know what you're doing on social media, you've also update your "og:image" and "og-description" - the two

Who really owns your domain name?
Who really owns your website domain name?

One of the most common situations we encounter each week managing business and individuals' websites is trying to understand where their website domain name is registered, where it's hosted and more importantly who has control over it. What this inevitably uncovers is something of a silent

A good web host is important for your website
Why a good web host is important for your website

"Web hosting from £2 a month", "Free web hosting" and so on all sound like tempting offers but before you take the plunge, be aware of what your signing up to.

How to do Google Adwords (when you don’t have time to do Google AdWords)

If you're thinking "I don't have the time to manage AdWords regularly", that shouldn't put you off using them. Because you probably have enough time to do these 5 most influential things when you set AdWords up

What is a postscript or web font
Fonts: For print, for the web & the rest

A piece of design is nothing without type - it is the key to making a brochure, a logo or a website either a design success or visual disaster. Here we explain the difference between fonts used for websites, in print and elsewhere

why you shouldn't have website pop-ups and overlays
Why you shouldn’t have website pop-ups & overlays

We often get asked to add pop-ups, discount or newsletter signup overlays to a website and end up having the same conversation with the website owner or manager - which is us explaining the reasons why a website should NOT have pop-ups or overlays of any kind.

We’re Hiring – A Digital Marketing Apprentice

Aubergine are looking for a digital marketing apprentice to join our team of 10 here in Leighton Buzzard town centre. It will suit someone who has an eye for detail (spreadsheets alert!), and is comfortable using social media. Contact us via thestudio@aubergine262.com, including your CV, if this is you.