The Team

Yes, it IS brave putting our photos up on the website but we feel it gives a personal feel – and sometimes it’s nice to put a face to the voice on the end of the phone. So here we are, this is us.

Fancy joining the team? If you’re an extremely talented designer or a master-skilled web developer, follow our social channels and we’ll let you know the moment an opportunity comes up.

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…and just look at all that amazing hair, too (well, nearly all).



Mark Tomkins
Mark Tomkins has been in the design business for the last 30 years and formed Aubergine back in 2002 with his wife, Bekki. He is the man with a plan and has a design solution for everything. Having worked in both large London agencies and smaller, localised design companies before setting up Aubergine, Mark brings a huge wealth of experience working with brands and getting the best from your marketing campaign.


Matt is responsible for project planning and our search team - if there's data and a spreadsheet, he'll be involved. His previous experience is in senior management and media strategy for one of the world's largest advertising groups.


Bekki Tomkins
Bekki Tomkins has been in the design business for 18 years and is the co-founder of Aubergine with her husband, Mark. She has a great design head on her shoulders and has a meticulous eye for detail. When it comes to packaging and retail product design, Bekki’s skills are exemplary.


Helen Glasper
Helen is our Project Manager and keeps us all on track with her hyper-organised approach to tasks small and large.


Joe Mayhew
Joe Mayhew is our web developer extraordinaire. He can make a website do quite literally anything (well… almost). He works with robotic speed and precision while maintaining his chilled-out demeanour as the creatives pass him ever more complex designs to make live on the internet!


Steph joined as Aubergine's first apprentice and was such a success that we committed to apprenticeships to grow the Aubergine business. The only technical problem that Steph can't solve is how to time her dash through the closing car park barrier.


Matthew Craft
Matthew joined Aubergine as an apprentice developer and has since qualified to become an integral part of our web development team. We regularly remind him that the reason we hired him is his magnificent hair.



Shane Fox
Shane is our creative machine, crunching through design work whilst retaining a creative flair. Shane's record for open tabs on Chrome and Illustrator runs into the 000's.