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Pitch your business branding to the right audience – target your logo!

Mark Tomkins

One of the first things a new customer experiences when they see your business website or marketing material is your brand image.

We live in a world where people and businesses like to be associated with others like themselves, or rather, we want to be seen with brands and at places that project the image with which we would like others to see us among.

Let’s be honest and upfront – I’ll go first – I would like my brand to rub shoulders in the digital world next brands like Lamborghini, Rolex, Liberty and Paul Smith – it must be the designer in me. I’m still working on it.

However, in 10 years of running Aubergine, I have found that it is very important for companies of all sizes to ally themselves with clients and suppliers that they feel both provide the services they need and are aligned with the same business approach. Business peers, if you like. So, in order to mingle and work in a particular marketplace and attract the kind of clients and business partners that are good for you, your business image needs to reflect that.

So if you are thinking of starting your own business or are running it already, making sure that your branding Рlogo, marketing material, website and even email signsture display the image that will be appealing to your customers and make them want to be associated with you, is vital.

From a logo, full company and product branding and stationery through to leaflets, brochures and your website, here at Aubergine we have a wealth of experience in both creating the start-up business branding as well as managing existing brands and developing the marketing so that your business is pitched correctly and aimed smack in the face of the kind of customers you want to attract.

Boys & Girls Nursery logoA great example of this is Boys & Girls Nursery. We first started working with Jon and Natasha Kirby back in 2007. Jon came to us with the idea of developing and growing a chain of nurseries in the Hertfordshire area. We produced the branding that reflected and contained the right imagery and have followed that through ever since. The nursery group now boast three nurseries in Watford, Stanmore and Croxley Green and with another soon to open in Rickmansworth. The team at Boys & Girls Nursery are fully committed and understand the importance of image and branding and all pieces of marketing produced now follow the branding guidelines as set out back in 2007 – Something that we firmly believe has helped grow it into the success it is today. We have also taken their branding through the stringent Trademarking process to make sure that its intellectual property is protected. See more at

If you are thinking of starting your own business, know someone who does or are already doing it – give me a call, tell me about your business over a super-skinny, semi-wet, decaf latte or herbally-fruit drink and let’s see if we can help make sure that you are marketing your business to the best of its potential.