Logo design:
Inn Britain

Logo design: <br>Inn Britain

The last 15 years or so has seen the demise of the traditional pub and a swing towards more dining and family oriented places to eat and drink has become the place of choice.

We are very proud to be involved in the rebranding of a group of restaurants and inns called Inn Britain who have identified great British eating values and started the journey to create local inns that go back to the traditional values of eating and drinking out – with good value, traditional British food and a warm welcome. The work so far has included the group-wide rebranding of the logo and styling, the venue signage, menus and on-site promotional material and local press adverts. This project has shown that businesses need to adapt to the current market and deliver something new, fresh and that meets their pockets as well as their values.

A new website will follow in early 2016.