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Small Business Britain: Winter School – Stand Out Online with Digital Essentials

Mark Tomkins

As part of our partnership and friendship with Small Business Britain, we’ve joined forces with Social Media Agency, Oh So Social to present a webinar primarily aimed at small businesses, to help business owners get their social media, website and Google-related subjects all ready for the forthcoming year.

Called ‘Winter School: Stand Out Online with Digital Essentials’– this webinar provides small businesses the essential toolkit to make sure their website, Google presence and Social Media are in good shape.

Experts, Mark Tomkins, our creative director here at Aubergine and Katherine George the founder of Oh So Social, social media agency based in Cornwall will provide practical and usable tips and guidance – which will lead to more enquiries & engagement.

Here are the presentation files from Winter School – Stand Out Online with Digital Essentials (PDF).

If you need any guidance, advice or are looking for someone to help your business with your online promotion, please get in touch and one of our experts will be glad to advise.

Last presentation date: 15th February 2022.

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