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Team Aubergine Tough Mudder training update

Bekki Tomkins

In preparation for Team Aubergine’s epic trial of doing the London South Tough Mudder on the 25th September this year, training over the last 12 weeks has stepped up to 1.5 hrs of running every Monday night along with 30 minutes of super-intensive CV (cardio vascular) exercise that involve 4 sets each containing 4 different exercises, such as burpees, press ups, sit ups, sprints, box jumps and a whole lot more other pain!

However, we’re ready as we’ll ever be. Well, as ready as anyone can be to take on a 12 mile, 28 obstacle assault course! Team Aubergine is Mark, Steph, Matthew and James and we’re running it in aid of our local kids charity, KidsOut. These guys provide kids across the country who are unfortunate to have suffered in life and either have an unsafe home, no home at all or just a really rubbish break in life with a bit of light relief. They do this by taking the on days out, with a few toys and the sorts of things kids need when they are growing up. We might all take these things for granted, but there are kids locally who could really benefit from a little helping hand.

We’d love it if you could support us in this and donate to this local important group. Doesn’t matter how much – anything will do and when we’ve run our Tough Mudder we’ll be giving everything we raise to KidsOut so they can continue to do their amazing work.

Head on over here to our JustGiving page: