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The 15 craziest domain suffixes

Thinking of creating a new website? Want something a bit more eyecatching than the usual or .com suffix? Well, the good news is that ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) actually offers over 1,000 different top level domain suffixes. In fact, you could even create your own if you had about £100,000 lying around.

Some are general, some are brands (car companies in particular feature very strongly) and some apply to regions (after all, who doesn’t need .brussels to set themselves apart?).

Here are our 15 favourites…

.sew  Competition being as it is in the world of stitch, we’re relieved to see this is an option

.beer  Getting priorities straight

.wine  Of course there’s this option too

.pizza  Sadly you won’t find .doughnuts though. Or .lardycake for that matter. Hey ho, there’s still time

.eurovision  Can the hype around this iconic event get any bigger? Oh yes it can

.party  For all other events, there’s always this one!

.hiphop  Gotta be careful who uses this one. We can think of several music artists who would spoil its reputation in an instant

.baby  One for the digital natives

.duck  It’s certainly memorable. If weird

.americanfamily  Ah, so wholesome. Or is it?

.farmers  Great to have some differentiation when doing those agricultural internet searches

.monster  Probably from the brand, but cute nonetheless

.frontdoor  It’s hard to see when this might be useful, but someone clearly thought it was worth the money

.sucks  We can think of so many websites that we’d like to see this added to…

.wtf  A classic


Many of these are available for general purchase from many domain registries. Would you want one? The jury’s out – with even big brands still retaining their .com presence (Bugatti and Walmart, for example). And while you’re pondering that point, have some fun with our searchable list: