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Should your eCommerce website be using Google Shopping?

Is advertising on Google Shopping easier and more effective than traditional AdWords text ads?

Using Google AdWords’ new expanded text ads

With AdWords ads now 140% larger than they used to be, and with more opportunity to communicate features, benefits and a strong call to action, Google's expanded text ads are something to be used straight away.

Best practice domain name registration
Best practice approach when registering a new domain name

It’s an ever-increasing problem – what domain name do you register for a new business? Or rather, what’s left to register that’s either not already being used or being cybersat

The commercial graphic design side of Star Wars

On Sunday 17th July we visited the long-awaited Star Wars Celebration Exhibition at London’s ExCel to both witness the sheer scale of impact from graphic design into the science fiction arena and to meet up with Jason W. Christman who was exhibiting at the show

How to prepare to rebrand or create a new brand logo
Preparing to rebrand or create a new image for your business

Here’s our starter for ten that will get any sized business off the ground when it comes to creating that all-important new brand image

Changes to Facebook News Feed
Facebook changes to News Feed & Like button

There’s plenty of Facebook myths out there, however, June has seen two significant (and genuine) changes

Top 5 search tips for Wordpress websites
Top 5 Search Tips for WordPress Websites

Nearly 1 in 4 websites in the world uses WordPress - it's easy to set up, easy to manage and there

Top 5 Google Adwords tips for your website
Top 5 AdWords Tips

Here are our top 5 tips for businesses using AdWords, that can improve your AdWords return on investment today

Team Aubergine
Team Aubergine start Tough Mudder training

Team Aubergine have started their Tough Mudder training in preparation for running the 12-mile 28-obstacle assault course on the 25th September in support of our friends at @kidsOut a local Leighton Buzzard charity that help give kids who have a bad break in life a bit of fun and support through play and days out

Top 10 Wordpress plugins
The Top 10 WordPress plugins

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 WordPress Plugins we think are the most useful when it comes to setting up and running a WordPress website

eCommerce website PCI compliance
PCI compliance – are you exposed?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires that merchants accepting credit and debit cards on their websites conform to a set of protocols when processing cardholder data on their website - here's our guide to PCI DSS for website owners

How to prepare a digital and social media marketing plan

We’re sharing here Aubergine’s digital marketing plan and how we developed it, to show how a little bit of preparation and planning can make what seems a daunting task, into something that’s effective and that you can easily deliver

How to prepare for developing a new website
How to prepare for developing a new website

Here's our guide for preparing to build your business's new website. Set this out on paper before you meet with your web designer, agree it amongst the decision-makers, and everyone will reap the rewards

The EU Data Laws – how does it affect UK marketing?

The idea is to give the control of personal data and privacy back to the individual and that the regulation of this is managed centrally

How does the UK use the internet?
How the UK uses the Internet

We’ve produced this infographic to help give you some idea of how the UK uses the internet and the different content out there

Is your business doing email marketing well?

Here’s our top 5 tips on how to make people think better of your company when it receives your email – and how to not be one of those dreadful spammers

Getting your business found in local search

Even in the age of internet shopping, the local factor in business is still a big influence. Google recognises this and whenever possible, will deliver “local” search results - often in the form on a “local pack” of 3 businesses on a map above the other, non-paid search results (but below

How do I check my IPN SSL TLS 1.2 is compatible with PayPal
How do I check my server for G5 and TLS 1.2 PayPal compatibility?

Is your current hosting and SSL ready for the PayPal update in June 2016? In light of the changes

PayPal change SSL requirements
PayPal to change SSL requirements for website payments

As we write this newsletter, we have become aware of significant changes that PayPal-integrated websites will need to be configured in order to continue to work. The change is huge and something that will affect every single website that has PayPal as its payment gateway method where the pages

Why SEO is PR these days
Why search optimisation means PR these days

We've written before about myths in SEO and how we still hear that trickery and fakery can lead a website to the top of Google's search

Top 5 SEO myths for 2016
Top 5 SEO Myths for 2016

Many of the myths about search optimisation propagated 10 years ago are still around now. So if you hear anyone putting forth the “wisdom” summarised here – call them out on it

Accelerated Mobile Pages project
AMP – Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page project

What is AMP?   AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages, in a nutshell, is Google's new project to help speed up use of the internet. It is a new way to

future of email marketing
Is there a future for email marketing

For years we've used it and abused it. Our inboxes have filled to overflowing so much to the point that more recently ISPs the world-over have ramped up their spam protection level in a bid to reduce

is this the death of Twitter
What if Twitter died?

The social media world has been in a state of flux since it was reported in Mashable (6th February

Why You Should Be Using Google Search Console

Google Search Console - or Webmaster Tools, as it's also been known - is one of the older, free tools that Google provide.  Mostly unloved, undeniably ugly, with a reputation as being "for the geeks", its usefulness to the non-developer community is overlooked. Here's why every business should