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Social media website images: measurements & guides 2019

A handy guide for the main social media websites – the measurements for their image areas, for desktop, tablet and mobile views

How to choose a graphic designer Leighton Buzzard

Who should I choose to design my logo?

How to find the right designer for your logo and what to expect from the design process.

5 good reasons to include infographics in your annual report

If you want to show your expertise, you can’t beat a bespoke infographic – and here’s why

Why the annual report is the most exciting part of the year

Annual reports are a brilliant opportunity for business – we explain why

The 15 craziest domain suffixes

Thinking of creating a new website? Want something a bit more eyecatching than or .com? We explore some of your options…

The benefits of HTML5 animated adverts

We discuss what’s special about HTML5 adverts – and why you should use them.

Branding the intangible

Branding the intangible

How the rise of cryptocurrencies proves the value of graphic design and branding

What do many great logos have in common?

We examine the typefaces of many famous logos – and discover a characteristic that links them all…

Website visitors – is your business getting the full picture?

In this article we’ll explain why your Google Analytics data might be misleading – and what you can do to get a clearer picture.

What’s all this GDPR stuff I see everywhere?

In this article we address the all-too common question of ‘does GDPR affect me and my business?’ from a marketing and website perspective. So, let’s get started with typical scenarios, case studies and what you need to know. What is GDPR? GDPR is the EU General Data Protection Regulation – a law about Data Protection, based on … Continue reading What’s all this GDPR stuff I see everywhere?

Copywriting: the key to good web content (part 1)

It’s worth starting with a fundamental piece of information to establish the terms used in this article are fully understood. Copy (copywriting) is content. Content is a piece of communication that uses text to explain something – whether it’s explaining a solution to a problem you have or conveying some news. It’s actually about selling. … Continue reading Copywriting: the key to good web content (part 1)

So you think you know who uses Facebook?

Everyone uses Facebook, don’t they? Or do they…

why you shouldn't have website pop-ups and overlays

Why you shouldn’t have website pop-ups & overlays

We often get asked to add pop-ups, discount or newsletter signup overlays to a website and end up having the same conversation with the website owner or manager – which is us explaining the reasons why a website should NOT have pop-ups or overlays of any kind.

Hashtags - how to use them properly

#Hashtags: What they are and how to use them (properly)

“Hashtag” is a common phrase & everyone knows how to use them on social media. Except – they don’t. Here’s our guide to using hashtags effectively – and what not to do

using images on your website & social media posts

Using images on your website & social media posts – ‘royalty free’ means free, right?

A picture speaks a thousand words. However, if the picture isn’t yours, the only words it’ll be saying are ‘theft’ or even ‘legal action’. Find out the best ways to avoid being a digital criminal…

Why your business needs brand guidelines

It’s all about keeping it consistent & communicating your brand in the best way possible…