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When clever words might not be so clever

Why fancy language is bad news for your website and internet ad campaigns

Google’s “mobile-first indexing” explained

Had an email from Google saying “mobile-first indexing has been enabled”? Find out what this is and improve the performance of your site with some quick changes.

Can a new website rank well on Google?

We’re often asked “when will my website be #1 on Google?”. Here we summarise the results of data from…

Should you be using the new Google Search Console?

Our view on the pros and cons of the new version of Google’s Seach Console…

Two questions that will help every business make the most of Analytics

Be honest – when it comes to the website, do you really know what’s important to the business?

How to use Google Analytics for in-depth website analysis

In our previous article, we showed how to create a weekly “health check” in Analytics using Dashboards – this time, we’ll show you how to set up an in-depth analysis.

How to use Google Analytics to set up a regular website “health check”

How can you avoid getting lost in the mass of Analytics data, and instead just look at what you’re interested in? In this article we’ll explore how to create streamlined reports, known as Dashboards, suitable for a weekly “health check”.

3 Quick Ways To Improve Your Google AdWords Campaigns

Here are 3 quick tips to improve your AdWords performance immediately

5 Things That Don’t Help You Rank Better In Search

Here are the 5 most commonly-held misbeliefs we hear regularly about what drives search visibility and how you rank on Google…

why is my new website not showing on Google?

Got a new website but it’s not showing on Google?

There are 6 common reasons that could be to blame why your new website isn’t showing up in a Google search. A regular topic of calls we receive in the studio is one that starts with the sentence ‘We’ve had a new website built by someone but it’s just not showing up when we search for it on … Continue reading Got a new website but it’s not showing on Google?

How to do Google Adwords (when you don’t have time to do Google AdWords)

If you’re thinking “I don’t have the time to manage AdWords regularly”, that shouldn’t put you off using them. Because you probably have enough time to do these 5 most influential things when you set AdWords up

Should my website be using Schema markup?

The result of collaboration between the major search engines, structured data provided in markup gives specific information that search engines translate into “rich snippets” in search results.

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Web developers: your dev sites are a hack threat

As a web developer, one of the best practice methods when maintaining or updating a website is to create a development version – and not to work on the live site. There are many reasons why this brings benefits. From design tweaks and testing of new functionality through to trying concept ideas without it affecting … Continue reading Web developers: your dev sites are a hack threat

Can You Optimise a 1-Page Website For Search?

We often get asked if a 1-page website can still rank well in search. It can – but with the foundation of the clearest consumer understanding, not by deploying “SEO magic”

Be a better searcher: Google Search Operators

Be a pro at searching on Google. Know the rules and make your search more specific with these top tips…

What is Google Search Console?

Here are our top 5 reasons why anyone who has a business website should use Google’s Search Console

Does Google hate your new website?

You’ve launched your new website, but two weeks later, you log into Google Analytics and find that your visitors from search engines – especially Google – have dropped by 50%. Where did it all go wrong?

Stop using WordPress tags – they aren’t what you think

Most people usingWordPress think that tags are the secret to search engine optimisation. Instead they’re making it worse

Google removes Demote Sitelinks from Webmaster Tools

According to Google on October 13th, “After some discussion & analysis, we’ve decided to remove the “Demote Sitelinks” setting in Search Console.”