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Social media website images: measurements & guides 2019

A handy guide for the main social media websites – the measurements for their image areas, for desktop, tablet and mobile views

Do website visitors pay attention to ‘sliders’?

Sliding banner images on website home pages are a popular feature – but how many site users actually look at them?

The 15 craziest domain suffixes

Thinking of creating a new website? Want something a bit more eyecatching than or .com? We explore some of your options…

Google’s “mobile-first indexing” explained

Had an email from Google saying “mobile-first indexing has been enabled”? Find out what this is and improve the performance of your site with some quick changes.

A beginner’s guide to WordPress (part 2)

Tips 6-10 for beginners who want to get the most out of their Wordpress website.

What’s the difference between a £5 website and a professional one?

It’s a good question! Exactly what benefits do you get for your money?

A beginner’s guide to WordPress (part 1)

In this first of a two-part article, we share 10 top tips for beginners who run a Wordpress website.

Why a website hack is more than just a technical issue

The impact of a website hack on the business, brand image and reputation can be more damaging and far-reaching than you might realise.

Should you be using the new Google Search Console?

Our view on the pros and cons of the new version of Google’s Seach Console…

4 Trends In Website Development for 2018

We take a look at the top 4 requests for websites in 2018…

Your website and the GDPR compliance – a practical checklist

We provide some guidance for businesses to follow to help them work towards making their website more compliant with the GDPR Data Protection regulations that become enforceable after 25th May 2018.

Brief a Website Redesign Better with Google Analytics

Three ways that you can use Google Analytics to make a website brief better.

why is my new website not showing on Google?

Got a new website but it’s not showing on Google?

There are 6 common reasons that could be to blame why your new website isn’t showing up in a Google search. A regular topic of calls we receive in the studio is one that starts with the sentence ‘We’ve had a new website built by someone but it’s just not showing up when we search for it on … Continue reading Got a new website but it’s not showing on Google?

Copywriting: the key to good web content (part 1)

It’s worth starting with a fundamental piece of information to establish the terms used in this article are fully understood. Copy (copywriting) is content. Content is a piece of communication that uses text to explain something – whether it’s explaining a solution to a problem you have or conveying some news. It’s actually about selling. … Continue reading Copywriting: the key to good web content (part 1)

How do I speed up a slow Wordpress website?

Top 10 tips to speed up a badly-behaving WordPress website

WordPress – the world’s most popular and widely-used website platform. It brings with it so many benefits for businesses and website owners large and small. The design can be fully customised to suit your business and there’s a myriad of plugins offering excellent and useful functions available which is all wrapped in a mobile-friendly environment. It’s … Continue reading Top 10 tips to speed up a badly-behaving WordPress website